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N0r5ke Fibre is a Norwegian digital infrastructure company, founded by Norwegian entrepreneurs Anders and Bjørn Vik. N0r5ke Fibre invests in, build, own, lease out and operate long haul fiber infrastructure between major Norwegian cities, Data Centres and communication hubs. As a neutral and independent company we lease out dark fiber on equal terms to operators and customers needing their own physical fiber routes. Our aim is to make dark fiber as available as possible to a wide customer base via both OPEX-type leasing and long-term IRUs. The backbone fibre build-out is financed and originated through N0r5ke Fibre.


N0r5ke Viking

Subsea cable

N0R5KE Viking is our 810Km subsea cable project between Bergen and Trondheim, with a crosslink between the city of Molde and Åndalsnes. The 192-fibre-cable will be the only direct link between these cities, fully independent from existing fiber routes – thus provide much needed diversity for this region abundant with cheap hydropower and land. It’ll connect Western Norway’s main business centres, Data Centres, communication hubs. N0r5ke Viking will be a valuable data-transport link as several new international subsea cables are being built to connect Norway directly to the US, UK, Ireland and Denmark with low latency connections to several of the large IXs. We are now in build modus with RFS end-December 2022.


N0r5ke Viking cable stretches (km)


Bergen - Sture


Sture - Hyllestad


Hyllestad - Florø


Florø - Lefdal Mines Data Center


Lefdal Mines Data Center - Tødspollen West


Tjødspollen East - Ålesund


Ålesund - Molde


Molde - Åndalsnes


Molde - Hjelset


Batnfjordsøra - Kristiansund


Kristiansund - Tjeldbergodden


Tjeldbergodden - Brekstad


Brekstad - Trondheim





Image by Compare Fibre

Dark Fiber

Image by Thomas Jensen

ILA Shelters

Image by Taylor Vick

Product Enhancements

N0R5KE Fibre´s main goal is to attract data traffic (compute, storage, etc.) to Norway by making dark fibre available to international and domestic customers. Customers may install their own transmission equipment or lease from us. Our fibre-cables connect to purpose-built shelters every 80-100kms with available power and rack-space for optical equioment. Dark fiber OPEX-type lease agreements with annual payments and longer IRUs (15years ->) are available for full network lengths as well as for bespoke stretches between centres. N0R5KE Fibre is responsibility for the long-term maintenance and fault-repair of the network and have SLAs in place with experienced local suppliers.

ILA shelters will be available throughout our network including power supply, reserve power and HVAC equipment (heating, ventilation and air conditioning). From these shelters, connections will be available to local, regional, national and international fiber networks

N0R5KE Fibre is working closely with leading network technology companies to ensure the best possible security and product solutions in our shelters.



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